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Dec 01, 2015

Dear Friend and Fellow Hot Flash Sufferer,
The following message is brought to you by HOT FLASH HELPER, a business owned and operated by “HOT” women of a certain age. We found help and now we want to share it with you! No more suffering! Let’s get our lives back! Let’s stop adding to global warming (ok, that one is a bit far-fetched).

If you are perimenopausal, menopausal or know someone who is, you owe it to yourself (or them) to keep reading. Help is here! Women who have hot flashes when they have PMS, women who are pregnant, women who had hysterectomies, women with hormone imbalances that make them hot, we’re here for you! We love men but they only experience being hot as the result of strenuous activity or the climate, only a woman understands the “inner furnace” that burns even while we are just watching TV or trying to sleep.

Until you’ve had a hot flash or have felt so uncomfortable from your
internal furnace running at full blast it’s difficult to comprehend …
That you can’t just will yourself to cool down!


That feeling that comes over you – the desire to rip off all your clothes, go stand outside in the snow without a jacket, maybe set up residence in the walk-in freezer at your local grocery store or just start pulling the bags of frozen peas out of your freezer to put all over your neck and chest (don’t say you’ve never tried that!) – that you have very little control over.


At home, on the job, on the go, on a date, or just out and about…

Hot Flashes can happen anytime, anywhere and spoil a good time, right ladies? Been there, done that. You know what we’re talking about. There you are in your nice outfit, hair done and you’re at the party, bar or restaurant, maybe on a date and oh no! Here it comes. Perhaps you had a glass of wine or a martini, perhaps the room is hot, perhaps your date is hot! And now you’re about to turn red, possibly get little beads of sweat on your forehead (not to mention in between the “girls”), and that cute jacket you’re wearing that hides your arm jiggle and tummy is going to have to come off NOW!

Do you make an excuse and go to the ladies room to cool off? It’s probably full of other women using those blasted hot air dryers! Do you drink all the ice water and eyeball the ice cubes longingly at the bottom of the glass? If only you could just tip them onto your chest or rub them on your wrists (if you were home you’d be headed for the icepack in the freezer or at least something cold to imbibe). Do you go outside because you “have to make a phone call”? Remember, that only works in the winter and how many “phone calls” do you want to go outside and make while you’re on a date?



Just like you we’ve suffered, and continue to suffer, through a couple of years of hot flashes, night sweats, and just plain being too warm too much of the time. We know how you feel and how frustrating, uncomfortable, embarrassing and irritating it can be.
Thankfully for us we discovered a product that’s helped considerably, so keep reading and I’ll explain everything to you.
After trying handheld fans, paper fans, menus, old greeting cards, a notebook and, my favorite, fanning myself with my hands to cool off (and drawing attention to myself, of course), my partners and I knew we could find an answer to the problem of finding a way to provide cooling relief that would work for us and our friends.

Here’s what we discovered:

It’s one of the coolest products you’ve probably never heard of!




#1 Hot Flash Helper cooling cloth is an easy way to keep cool.
You just wet it, wring it, snap it and wear it.

#2 Hot Flash Helper is a great way to cool down almost instantly.

#3 Hot Flash Helper is made from a revolutionary new material

#4 Hot Flash Helper doesn’t drip

#5 Hot Flash Helper doesn’t make clothes wet or leave a water mark

#6 Hot Flash Helper is lightweight

#7 Hot Flash is washable and reusable through hundreds of uses

#8 Hot Flash Helper can be reactivated anytime by rewetting

#9 Hot Flash helper can be stored in a resealable plastic bag between uses to keep it damp

#10 Hot Flash Helper comes in a variety of colors

Check out what some of our happy customers have to say:



Have you stopped exercising?

Stopped going to the gym?

Are you avoiding social situations?

Is your sleep interrupted?

Is your office too hot?

Are you uncomfortable in business meetings?

Do you feel like you want to rip off your clothes during some of those meetings (and not in a good way???)

Do you feel like cutting your hair short so you don’t have to blow dry it?

Don’t want to go out on a date?

If you’re saying yes to any or all of the questions above, you’ll be glad to know that we have a product that can help. Now you can get a Hot Flash Helper



It’s a revolutionary cloth that, when placed on the skin, cools you down instantly!! Previously used by athletes during sports activities, it’s now being made in cute feminine colors and brought to all you “hot” ladies in your time of need!

The Hot Flash Helper is discreet, cute, and ready at any time. You can keep one wherever you need one – beside the bed, in the car, in your purse, in your gym bag. In your desk drawer at work and even one carefully tucked away in a zippered plastic bag in your laptop case.

I used to love the heat. All my friends wanted to sit in the shade and I only wanted to sit in the sun.Wow, that changed when I started experiencing hot flashes. Sitting in the sun made me feel like I was melting. That changed when I was given a Hot Flash Helper as a birthday gift. The note on the card strongly suggested that I wear it immediately and often! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last year. Sometimes it the little things that make us, and those around us, the happiest. Keeping cool in the “summer of my life” is definitely one of them.

Jennifer J. Los Angeles, CA


I LOVE MY KOOL TOOL(S)!!! I first bought one because I am at the “Hot Flash” age. I would wear it instead of carrying one of those little hand held fans, I hate that people know that I’m hot. When they came out with black and purple, I was even happier, as now it just looks like a cute scarf.

Jane B. San Diego, CA

Keep using your other products; just add aHot Flash Helper to your bag of tricks

We know that there are a lot of great pharmaceutical, homeopathic and natural remedies for hot flashes and night sweats. Continue using whatever works for you! A Hot Flash Helper is a great tool to have on hand because it can provide almost instant cooling relief right when you need it.

“A couple of Thanksgivings ago, I was at a large gathering of friends for a wonderful buffet dinner. The night was cold, I was not. There are no fans going in November and no way to get cool, than to go outside, which is what I kept trying to do. As much as I could I would go sit outside and begin to feel I could breathe, and then I would be called back in because I was missing something. We all sat around after dinner to listen to a friend sing and my getting up and walking out would have been embarrassing. FYI fanning yourself with whatever’s at hand isn’t always an option and doesn’t always help.


Oh, if only I’d had a Hot Flash Helper! The purple one or the pink one would have been around my neck, adorning my black dress (worn with sandals). I would have been able to sit there, looking accessorized and keeping myself cooler at the same time. I could have gone to the restroom, re-wetted it, snapped it and had it back round my neck and no-one would know. It was just my scarf to them, that’s all. Now I carry one with me everywhere I go, it’s in my purse in its baggy, ready to cool me down instantly, no matter where I am.”

Mary S. Atlanta, GA

There are just some things no one is talking about,but friends tell friends about products that provide relief.

We’ve been telling our friends and they’ve been telling their friends. Those friends have started telling their friends about it (and even telling their doctors about it) and now we have a network of fans devoted to sharing the benefits of our product with anyone who tells them that they are hot, experiencing discomfort from hot flashes or night sweats, or even having a hard time dealing with hot flashes and hot weather.

Check out a product that you can takeanywhere that will help provide cooling relief…….


We’d love it if you’d share how your HFH helped you.We’ll post them on this site. Come on, don’t you want to help out other women?
Just leave us a comment below!


So here’s how it works. You start to feel yourself getting hot or you arrive at a hot place and you know it will just be a matter of time before you’re overheating. Just discreetly take your pre-prepared HFH out of the plastic bag in your purse, put it around your neck, tuck it into the neckline of your outfit and you’ll be starting to cool down instantly. No more fanning yourself furiously with whatever piece of paper you can find handy! No more taking off jackets, sweaters, cardigans as fast as possible, only to need to put them back on again once you cool down, a process which may have to be repeated several times! No more bringing out the plastic battery operated personal fan! Put an end to people asking you “Why are you hot? It’s freezing in here” Or looking at you knowingly that you’re at “that age”. Now we’re not saying hot flashes are anything to be ashamed of, it’s just that in certain situations, you just don’t want your experiences of them to become the object of everyone’s attention. Some women who are experiencing a hot flash with the accompanying sensation of anxiety and panic can find that the attention of people on them can make it worse too.

With a Hot Flash Helper around your neck, no one knows you’re feeling hot and need to cool yourself down. You just look like you have a colored scarf round your neck. When you don’t need it any more just take it off and put it back in your purse.

So what’s not to love about this?

It’s effective and fast. It’s portable, easy to use, doesn’t draw attention to you, you just need water if you haven’t pre-prepared it.


Take advice from a friend in the same situation.
Easy to use and reuse, HFH cools you down almost instantly.

If you’re currently experiencing a 180 degree (almost literally!) change in body temperature, you can keep your HFH close at hand 24 hours a day. Use it while working at your desk, wear it around your neck while running errands and spread it over your chest or your head while sleeping (or get 2…one for the forehead and one for the chest). It also beats lugging around that 20 lb portable fan… don’t need electricity for your Hot Flash Helper. You just need some water from the sink, your water bottle, or even water from the nearest pool or ocean and you’re set!


We proudly accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover!




If you’ve read down this far, thanks so much for staying with us. Try a Hot Flash Helper
or two and be sure to get one for a friend. She’ll thank you and maybe even say that
you’re cooler than you already are!

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